If you have a studio apartment in Five Dock, space is precious to you. Although the size of your apartment may limit what you can keep in it, you can maximise your living space with these efficient tips and consider utilising Self Storage in Five Dock to look after the items that don’t have a place in your new studio apartment.

Use space-saving furniture and put large items into Self Storage in Five Dock

There are many furniture pieces that double as storage places. For example, there are sofas with storage areas below the cushions. There are beds with drawers underneath them, and there are chairs with hollow storage areas under the armrests. Also, some tables have shelves, which are useful for holding dishes. Closet organizers and shoe racks optimise your closet space. Also, you can install a tall but thin shelving unit to give you more storage space. If you want your apartment to look more open during the day, consider fold-up furniture.


Check out some of these small spaces and how they have been styled:

Privacy, Please: Ideas for Carving Out a Cozy Bedroom in a Studio

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Take a tour of Maria Del Russo's New York City studio apartment. See inside how the Refinery29 beauty editor makes the most of her 300-square-foot apartment. Discover advice for thrifting furniture, collecting meaningful objects, and more.

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Homepolish - The Perfect Studio Layout

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Go for a minimalist look

Large decorations and heavy curtains make rooms look smaller. If you want to make your studio apartment seem larger, use sheer curtains and small decorations. When you allow more natural light to drench the room, it seems bigger. If your apartment doesn’t have any windows or if it has small windows, install light fixtures on the ceiling to create more light.




Add artwork to the walls and store old at at self storage Five Dock

Some people assume that leaving the walls blank will make a studio apartment seem larger. However, artwork will not make it seem smaller if the walls are not cluttered. For example, you can put up a few paintings without making the room look smaller. However, it will seem smaller if you put a lot of clocks, sconces, decorative shelves or other items on the walls. Choose your artwork carefully. Pick pieces that inspire you or make you feel cheerful.

Look at how artwork ties together the styling in these appartments:

Scandinavian Interior Design Will Always Be in—Here's How to Get the Look via @MyDomaineAU

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Love the colour scheme

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Love how low the bed is and the art above it. Rug is nice.

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Keep your space free of clutter with some help from Self Storage Five Dock

Most people who live in studio apartments have a hard time storing important papers, book collections, mementos, sporting equipment, clothing and seasonal decorations. If you have plenty of these items and limited space, the best solution is Self Storage in Five Dock. You can keep items that you will use within the next few months in your apartment. If you won’t use something for several months, put it in storage. With Self Storage in Five Dock, you don’t have to downsize your belongings when you move into a studio apartment.

There are plenty of options for Self Storage in Five Dock. If you have expensive artwork or items that need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment, there are storage units with temperature control. There are also units without temperature control, and they are typically cheaper to rent. When you rent a storage unit, you have the peace of mind that your belongings are in a secure place. To help you choose a size of unit that fits your needs, determine how many boxes or items must go into the storage facility.