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In our storage units, you’re welcome to store any personal or business items that comply with our facility’s guidelines, as outlined in conditions 10c & 10d of our contract. This encompasses a wide range of belongings, ensuring your storage needs are met with flexibility and convenience. For specific item inquiries or further clarification, please feel free to contact us directly.
The price of our storage units starts as low as $2 a day, varying based on the unit’s size and the rental period you require. For a precise estimation tailored to your specific storage needs, we encourage you to obtain a personalised quote from us, ensuring you get the best value.
Ensuring the safety of your possessions is paramount at Angel Storage. We utilise comprehensive security measures, including constant CCTV surveillance, motion detectors active after hours, and secure, PIN-coded roller doors. Our robust back-to-base alarm system, overseen by Chubb Security, guarantees that your items are protected at all times, offering you absolute peace of mind.

At our Chiswick and Lidcombe locations, you can access your storage unit from 6:00am to 9:00pm every day of the year, with office hours running from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday and Closed on Sundays.

To ensure the safety and legality of our storage environment, certain items cannot be stored at Angel Storage. Prohibited items include stolen goods, living beings (animals or humans), perishable food items, flammable substances, chemicals, and anything that’s illegal, hazardous, firearms, or explosives. This policy helps maintain a secure and safe storage facility for all our clients.
Your storage unit’s security is a top priority, which is why access is exclusively yours. Only individuals authorised by you can enter your unit, maintaining your belongings’ safety and privacy.
While your belongings are in storage, ensuring their protection is vital. We recommend discussing insurance options for your stored items with our team. They can guide you on how to secure the right coverage, offering additional peace of mind during their stay at Angel Storage.
At Angel Storage, we diligently maintain dry, pest-free environments through regular pest control and routine checks of rodent bait stations. We advise customers to inspect their items for pests before storing and refrain from keeping food, dry goods, or animal feed within units to minimise the risk of attracting vermin, ensuring your possessions stay safe and in pristine condition.

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