Often, the space we dedicate inside our homes to store our collection of valuable jewellery isn’t very big. It won’t take much for your collection to outgrow your storage space. While your collection might be very important to you, you probably don’t get a chance to wear a lot of the items very often. Because of this, you should consider moving your collection of valuable jewellery into Self Storage in Abbotsford from Angel Storage. Before you start moving your collection, here are a few things you should do to prepare.

Separate each item carefully

It doesn’t take much for your items of jewellery to become tangled and knotted. You need to be particularly careful to avoid this issue while travelling with your collection, as the journey can turn your collection into a chaotic mess. To avoid this, take some time to carefully separate each item.

If you have any necklaces, make sure to store them in a necklace organising tray. Secure packing paper over the tray to stop the necklaces falling off. If you’re storing any items that include a precious gem, make sure to wrap this item thoroughly. The gem can become scratched if it’s rubbed up against other items, but it can also damage other items if it bangs into them. Diamonds in particular can be damaging to your other pieces, and pearls are the most easily damaged.

Separate these items in their own container, and wrap them individually in fabric.

Secure a jewellery box

You should always keep your jewellery in a place that’s clean and dry. The most secure and protective container for your individual jewellery items are the boxes they were purchased in; however, these may no longer be available for you to use. Instead, you can purchase a jewellery box. Your jewellery box should have a soft, fabric lining in order to protect your pieces.

Silver items need more work

If you’re planning to store any items of jewellery that are made out of silver, you’ll need to prepare these differently. Make sure your silver is dry before moving it into storage. Wrap your silver pieces in a tarnish-proof cloth. This will protect your silver jewellery from exposure to the air. If you’d like further protection, you can purchase storage boxes designed to specifically protect silver items.

Self Storage in Abbotsford

If you’re struggling to find the room inside your home to store your growing jewellery collection, consider moving it into storage in Abbotsford. The Angel Storage facility is completely secure, with CCTV surveillance cameras monitoring the facility 24/7, after hours motion detectors, PIN coded access doors, and a back to base alarm system. If you’re ready to start moving your collection into storage, contact us today!