At Angel Storage we offer a wide range of merchandise to assist you in your storage needs.


Tea Chest Carton

431 x 406 x 596 mm

This Tea Chest packing box is ideal for packing larger bulky household items. Great for kitchen appliances, pots and pans, linen and children's toys.

Wine Carton

406 x 300 x 430 mm

With 2 inserts provided, the wine box is ideal for transporting and storage of wine and liquors.

Flat Pack Cartons

915 x 505 x 370 mm

Double strength cardboard construction. Ideal for use as lay flat wardrobe or linen box. Use with anti-static bubble wrap to pack computer or electrical equipment.


565 x 479 x 1106 mm

The portable wardrobe. With a steel rail to hang your clothes on, these are ideal for all your special occasion wear, suits, jackets and coats. Alternatively, you can simply use them whilst in transit for clothing storage.

Book Carton

406 x 298 x 431 mm

Book cartons are great for packing heavy smaller items such as books, wine, CDs, and DVDs These boxes are also great size for crockery, glass and crystal ware, as well as kitchen utensils.

Archive boxes

390 x 306 x 260 mm

Document storage boxes are designed specifically to hold suspension folders. Alternatively, these boxes are great for photo frames and albums, collective ornaments and nick knacks.

Picture / Mirror Carton

1020 x 75 x 775 mm

These boxes provide great protection for prints, photos, canvases, paintings and mirrors.

Bike Carton

1700 x 200 x 1030 mm

Made from strong, twin cusion board. Ideal for Air Freight. Alternatively, the Bike Carton can be used for large pictures or table tops.

Plasma TV

Large / Medium / Small

Dimensions TBA
Height 800 to 1200 mm
Length 1750 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 750 to 1100 mm
Length 1400 mm
Width 300 mm

Super strong double layer cardboard box construction, with internal foam supports in both the lid and base. Carton is designed specifically to keep Plasma/LCD TV or large framed artworks in an upright position. Telescopic lid and base to suit goods of varying heights.